Lucy is a New Orleans girl, born-and-raised. 

She started acting and writing at a very young age, appearing in plays both in school and in theaters around the city. She left her Southern roots to attend Middlebury College in Vermont, where she earned her BA in Theatre. As an undergrad, she also worked in her first off-Broadway production in NYC.  Upon graduating, she moved back to her beloved New Orleans, and found success in its thriving theatre and film scene. Since then, Lucy has kept very busy on stage, on screen, and at the writing desk. Now, she splits her time between New Orleans and New York.   

Lucy loves to travel—doing so whenever she can, exploring new places and learning new languages. She has her own jewelry line, called “Applause!”, so named for her love of theatre. She is also a mixologist; while working as a bartender, she had a passion for experimentation, coming up with new drinks for customers. Having become known for that, Lucy decided to branch out on her own.  She launched her own specialty cocktail business in 2015, called “The Boozy Beagle,” and creates specialty drinks for all sorts of events in New Orleans. She is currently working on a book of original cocktail recipes.  

Lucy loves her home city, and is often found at the single-screen neighborhood movie theatre watching classic films (she has a special softness for Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant).  She is often out dancing to the wonderful music New Orleans has to offer, riding her bike through the park or reading along the bayou. She also takes care of her wonderful little beagle, Pete, whom she adores.